Excel Insurance Group Nominated one of Canada’s Top Brokerages

We’ve Come a Long Way: Excel Insurance Group Recognized as one of Canada’s Top-Performing Brokerages

We are proud to say that Excel Insurance Group has come a long way since its beginning in 2011. As seen in Insurance Business Canada Magazine: “Self-described ‘insurance geeks and compliance nerds’, Excel Insurance Group’s sense of humor is a key value in dealing with clients. Adamant about not doing business the ‘stuffy traditional way,’ they instead take an entrepreneurial approach to meeting client demand and daily business expectations. Big on the use of technology and unconventional problem-solving, Excel has garnered plenty of raves from clients for their lighthearted approach. Humour isn’t this brokerage’s only driving value, however — integrity, entrepreneurialism, independence, and succession planning are the other cornerstones of Excel’s solid business. These values are spread across their group of offices — as they put it, Excel Insurance Group ‘operates like a teaching hospital’ for the network. Judging by the growth and success of this brokerage in the past year, it’s easy to say the prognosis is good.’ ”

A Special Mention for Lloydminster

Our Lloydminster office also received recognition in Melissa Kelly’s post on lloydminsternow.com: “Insurance Business Canada ranks the best of the best in the industry by collecting both quantitative and qualitative information from the nominees. IBC compares client counts, analyzes client retention rates and new business development, as well as revenue figures. To ensure a level playing field and to assess the efficiency of each brokerage business, the total number of brokers writing business in comparison to revenues and number of clients was also taken into account.”

“Beyond purely reviewing numbers, we assessed nominees on attributes such as innovation, client relations and strategic leadership. And to some degree, we looked at the character and culture inherent in a successful brokerage,” said Donald Horne, Associate Editor of Insurance Business Canada. “Because at the end of the day, it’s easy to forget the importance of that human touch and the impact it has in today’s hyper-digitized world – especially in a client-focused service industry like insurance.”

Revision: Excel Insurance Group comprises of more than one office location. The image above is revised to reflect that Excel Insurance Group has more than one location, and will be growing in the near future.