About Us

We're a Company with Roots

As a locally owned and operated businessForefront Insurance has roots within Southern Alberta communities. We love building long-term relationships with our clients and seek to help them build roots of their own in their communities. Whether it’s insuring your family home and vehicles, your small business, or your farm, we’re here to help you protect your assets personally and professionally. We understand that relationships take time to build, that’s why we’re here for the long haul and hope you are too.

Forefront Insurance, a Partner in Excel Insurance Group

In 2015 when his prior employers shifted their focus from service to profitability, owner Michael Hollinda opened Forefront Insurance as a partner in Excel Insurance Group. This allowed him to maintain his commitment to offering service based insurance plans that focus on client needs.

Excel Insurance Group is a group of independent and like-minded Partners that form an exclusive network of full-service insurance brokerages across Canada. Our group’s reputation with clients, insurance companies, and our communities has been forged and earned over decades of effort. We are proud of our accomplishments and our commitment to the communities we serve.

Others may focus on profitability at your expense. We understand that focusing on you, your needs, and your drives is the very reason for our success.

Providing You With Competitive Insurance Solutions You Can Trust.

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