A Fun Twist on Santa’s Anonymous

Transforming the popular “Secret Santa” gift exchange game into a toy drive, Excel Insurance Group turned gift giving into an occasion to collect more than 100 different toys for our local Santa’s Anonymous charity.

Continuing a tradition that is nearly a decade old, Excel Insurance Group’s office, Excel Insurance & Risk Management, suggests you try the same!

How to Play, and Pay it Forward:

  1. All participants names are put into a ‘fish bowl’
  2. Names are drawn out one at a time by the person that will become the ‘Secret Santa’ for the person they draw
  3. Participants are told to find a new $25 toy or gift that they think their individual would have liked as a kid
  4. All wrapped up and ready to go, participants take turns opening the gifts
  5. Left unwrapped, all gifts are donated to the local Santa’s Anonymous charity

Cool things to do:

  • As people unwrap their gifts from their mystery Secret Santa – tell stories about why those gifts are a perfect match to their younger selves
  • Participants can take a guess as to who was their Santa before the group does the same

Match-forward & Make Your Secret Santa’s Anonymous go farther!

Our office runs a social committee called the Fun Squad. This year, everybody’s $25 gift value was matched by the Fun Squad and then that amount was matched by the company! We had 3 times the gifts all from one exchange!

Without a doubt, you’ll have a blast while also helping the local community!