Community Involvement

Walking our Talk

Community matters. With new understandings of how socially connected we are – locally and internationally – coupled with our legacy thinking through Partnerships across Canada and around the world, we are reminded that people matter, right here at home.

Excel RiskTech cares about the community. We are proud to work with the Chrysalis Society and welcome integrated team member placements. Our Partners are Members of non-profit Boards of Directors or are advisors for startup technology companies, family trusts, and venture capital funds.

We know that our volunteer hours’ drive community impact. That philosophy resonates with clients and, in this case more importantly, makes a small difference in driving huge results and better work culture.

And there is more. Excel Insurance Group is proud to carry a partnership of brokerages located across the country. With locally owned and operated firms, our Partners are the best brokers in their communities and share a unique and very personal connection to the people, neighbours and businesses  that propel their cities forward. Excel offices are proud to donate more than $100,000 annually to organizations, events, and fundraisers that beneficially impact the communities in which our offices call home.


Excel Everywhere

When you work with Excel, you work with community-minded people