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We have agency agreements in place with all major Canadian insurance markets, including A+ rated insurers and niche intermediaries unavailable to insurance companies, insurance agents and other brokers. Currently, Excel Insurance Group has access to more than 30 top rated insurers and 40+ specialist intermediaries.

RiskTech has built a strong reputation with insurers for having a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ operations and risk issues, and providing thorough, insightful underwriting presentations. Our technically-focused approach provides consistently better results for our clients than simply relying on ‘market clout.’

Moreover, you benefit from our long-standing relationship with carriers and the underwriting teams that represent them.

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Like all Assurex Global Partners, Excel Insurance Group is independently owned. As a result, we are highly entrepreneurial in our approach to servicing. We act quickly – responsiveness is a core value. Moreover, we are free to act in your best interest; we customize unique solutions for every client.

All Excel Insurance Group Partners undergo an intensive evaluation process to access capability levels. The standards are high and uncompromising. Among hundreds of independent commercial insurance brokers nationwide, only a handful are Partners in Excel Insurance Group.

Similarly, among thousands of independents brokerages worldwide, Excel is one of just over 100 that are Partners in Assurex Global. In addition, each partner makes a significant equity investment in Assurex Global, ensuring that each partner is fully committed to one another, helping each other’s clients realize full value. This is why we call ourselves Partners. We are not simply affiliated.

Through the Assurex Global worldwide partnership, our collaboration tools and our communications infrastructure, Excel Insurance Group is capable of servicing your accounts across the globe with equal precision and localized service. Dedicated human capital is assigned wherever you operate, here in Canada, in the United States or internationally.

When you sign with Excel Insurance Group, you not only access our specialized Canadian commercial insurance expertise, you also access that of all experts within 100 Partners worldwide. There is no challenge to which we cannot rise.

Through collective bargaining power and the Assurex Global 60-year history with carriers and industry influencers, as well as our own garnered for more than three decades here in Canada, you receive the benefits of cost-efficient pricing and best-fit product offerings.

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