Partner Advantages

You Own Your Brokerage

Excel Insurance Group does not seek ownership in our Partners’ offices. Rather, each office remains independently owned by their individual owner or ownership group. As a Partner in Excel Insurance Group, you are held accountable to best practices and standards but you remain independent. This means you still use your independent name once you join Excel.

Market Access

Most brokerages looking to join Excel talk about the difficulty in expanding their market access or obtaining greater numbers of contracts with different insurance companies. When joining Excel Insurance Group, you immediately gain access to all carriers with whom we are contracted. You may also gain access to privileged relationships with non-contracted markets. As we continue to grow our group and our portfolios with insurance carriers, our company continues to gain access to better carrier contract terms and incentives, which are all shared with you.

Back-Office Support

Brokerages that join Excel Insurance Group participate in a comprehensive partnership program that includes professional support and a wide variety of services. From accounting and payroll to management of insurance company payables and IT/ tech support, Excel Insurance Group helps you with running your business. We are also building new technology solutions to help better streamline your workflows. 

With Excel, you focus on running your office, improving client relationships, and meeting new prospects.

Access to Cutting Edge BMS Technology

Excel Insurance Group saw a need to democratize the broker management technology systems available to brokers. Previously, brokers were beholden to standard systems only available through limited suppliers, dramatically compounding costs for every service needed to properly and effectively run their business. Today, Excel Partner offices enjoy access to a proprietary broker management system that includes:

  1. Customer relationship management
  2. Policy lifecycle management
  3. Single-entry document creation (schedules, pink cards, summaries, cover notes etc.)
  4. Automatic email classification
  5. Unlimited digital storage
  6. Linked services to Microsoft and Google platforms
  7. Automatic call recording and cataloguing
  8. Full accounting services

Visit Virtual Insurance Office (VIO) on the Salesforce AppExchange for more details.

Testimonial from our Partners

Partnering with Excel Insurance Group has enabled our brokerage to grow at a rate we otherwise would not have been able to dream of achieving. Aside from the exceptional market access and established company relationships, our Partnership with Excel enables us to expand our knowledge base over a large group of insurance professionals. Everyone has skin in the game and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Excel empowers brokerages to pursue excellence and use the expertise of other Partners whenever possible. We are also able to engage in meaningful industry interactions on a broad scale, leverage group purchasing power for important business tools, share best practices, and lean on industry veterans to execute new business plans or succession strategies. In an unpredictable marketplace full of consolidation – and  where new generations can’t afford to buy in to their predecessor’s firm – a partnership with Excel allows our brokerage to compete at the highest level and focus on our individual strengths. We are completely supported by an infrastructure of experience and excellence.

Matt Cassidy & Andrea Cassidy

Founders, Excel Beyond Insurance Inc.

With Excel Insurance, You Remain Independent.​