Becoming a Partner

Many applicants to Excel Insurance Group are successful in their pursuit of partnership. The process is comprehensive, but straightforward. New applicants are required to:

  • Engage in a meaningful conversation with a representative of Excel Insurance Group to discuss fit
  • Sign a mutual confidentiality agreement that requires exclusivity to our process pending a decision
  • Complete an extensive application that covers topics including:
    • Brokerage ownership
    • Education, licensing, and experience
    • The book(s) of business and performance
    • Detailed insurance company reports
    • Potential errors and omissions
    • References
  • Draft a detailed business plan outlining your path to success
Applications can take some time to review as our Board of Directors is heavily involved in the analysis. Typically, applications are resolved in 1-3 months. Once approved, it takes approximately 3 months to complete the onboarding of your office. This includes the set up or modification of legal, accounting and banking, as well as obtaining licenses for your office, and adding your office to insurance company contracts under Excel Insurance Group.

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