Recreational Insurance Coverage, Alberta

We offer comprehensive recreational insurance coverage so you can enjoy your recreational activities with ease. Our recreational insurance packages are easily added to all your personal insurance needs.

Motorcycle Insurance

We ride too and we love being a part of the Motorcycle community and try to make it better. Your bike is important to you, we understand that – we provide insurance coverage that we stand behind to ensure at the claim stage you are not breathing your own exhaust but rather smiling in the wind and enjoying yourself again. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding our motorcycle insurance product please do not hesitate to reach out

Recreational and Luxury Vehicle Insurance

Get the most out of your recreational vehicles by insuring them with Excel & Y. Recreational vehicle insurance can help protect your motor home, trailer, camper van, ATV, boat, classic car, or any other type of vehicle used for recreation out of your everyday needs. We partner with several insurance providers who can help protect against the unexpected, along with your options for bundling this insurance with your other personal policies that you already have.

Travel Insurance

The Travel and Visitor Insurance Options That We Offer:

  • Canadian resident travel insurance — Travel smart when you travel beyond Alberta and especially Canada. Your provincial health coverage may be limited. Excel &Y will help you prepare for the unexpected such as accidents, illness, and travel interruptions.
  • Super visa — It’s an exciting time to have your parents or grandparents come stay and visit. As part of the approval process, the Canadian government requires that your visitor has valid Canadian medical insurance for at least one year. We’d love to help you find the right coverage for your family members’ needs.
  • Visitor and international student insurance — If you’re planning to visit Canada, are on a Canadian work or study visa, or have family or friends planning to visit Canada, our provincial health insurance plans do not cover non-residents. In case of accidents or illness, visitors may encounter significant medical expenses. Let us help find the right coverage for you so you’re ready for arrival.

Travel smart. We’d love to help you find the right coverage for all your travel needs.

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