Excel & Y Insurance Services Ltd. Recognized as a Top Insurance Employer of 2023

Celebrating Employee Centric Excellence

We are pleased to extend our congratulations to Excel & Y Insurance Services Ltd., a valued partner within the Excel Insurance Group, for their well-deserved recognition as one of the Top Insurance Employers of 2023 by Insurance Business Canada Magazine.

Setting the Bar for Workplace Quality

This accolade stands as a testament to Excel & Y Insurance Services Ltd.’s commitment to creating a positive work environment that values the contributions of its employees. In a competitive landscape, Excel & Y has emerged as a company that prioritizes the well-being of its workforce.

Excelling Across Multiple Metrics

Excel & Y Insurance Services Ltd. has performed exceptionally well across various criteria, including competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and bonuses, demonstrating their dedication to their employees’ welfare.

Deserving of Recognition

Being recognized as one of Canada’s top insurance employers is a significant achievement, reflecting their commitment to factors such as work-life balance and flexible work options.

Promoting Career Growth

Excel & Y’s commitment to career advancement and development sets them apart as industry leaders, showcasing their dedication to nurturing their employees’ professional growth.

Excel & Y Insurance Services Ltd. continues to provide an excellent work environment and outstanding insurance solutions. Their recognition as a Top Insurance Employer of 2023 reflects their pursuit of excellence, employee satisfaction, and a culture that supports growth and success.

Congratulations to Excel & Y on this remarkable achievement! May their success inspire others in the industry to create workplaces that empower and support their teams. To learn more about Excel & Y, please visit their website: Excel & Y Insurance (excelandy.ca)