1. Leaving Alberta
    • Ask your broker to order you a Claims Experience Letter.
    • Obtain a Driver’s Abstract from the Alberta Registries
    • Most Provinces require an out of province inspection. Check with your new jurisdiction.
    • Once you have secured insurance in the other province, send us a signed request to cancel your insurance here.
  2. Coming to Alberta
    • Please obtain your driver’s abstract and insurance history from your current province(s)
    • You will need an Out of Province inspection, and one can obtain this form at W.H. Wilson Registries.
    • You can obtain insurance and registration without changing your driver’s license, but you must change your driver’s license with 60 days and provide us with the number.
    • Once you have obtained insurance, you take this proof to W.H. Wilson Registries to get your registration.

Many, many factors affect your Auto Insurance, and these are just a few:

    • How many years you have been licensed
    • Where you live
    • What you drive
    • How far you drive daily
    • If you have had any convictions, such as speeding, distracted driving, failure to stop or driving under the influence, it will impact your rates.
    • The type of conviction you have had will significantly affect your premium.
    • If you have had any claims, and how many you have had and what type
    • If you have any optional coverages
    • If you have any other drivers on your policy and how they answer all the questions above

Property Insurance premiums are based on several things, just to name a few:

    • The value of your dwelling
    • The age of your dwelling and if any updates have been completed
    • What your postal code is
    • If you are pressurized hydrant or fire hall protected
    • If you have an insurance history
    • If you have had claims
    • If you have an alarm system
    • If you have any optional coverages
    • What your deductible is
    • The type of coverage you have (Home, Condo or Tenant)
    • If you have your auto insurance with the same insurer as your home
    • Each insurance company has different rates

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